Our approach is innovative, creative and flexible. We use evidenced based strategies broken down into helpful steps, so that you regain control of the way you feel and what you do.

Children & Youth

Anxiety, depression and addiction are on the rise due to the combination of the influence of social media, developmentally appropriate challenges and the pandemic.
As many as 1 in 5 children and youth in Ontario will experience some form of mental health problem and we can help.
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    Parents, Caregivers & Families

    Parenting challenges have never been so significant, against the backdrop of peer influences, social influences, and a young person’s natural desire to grow up. Within this constant and rapidly changing developmental context, it can feel almost impossible to keep up with the plethora of risks and challenges that emerge for young people today.

    These challenges arise out of social media engagement, new-age social practices and magnetic alternative realities in video games and an emerging MetaVerse. We see this all as an opportunity to provide behaviour-based therapeutic intervention in an enriched environment.

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    Consultation Services

    We work with individuals, families and institutions (schools, workplaces and community services) to provide tailored consultative services that support behaviour-based challenges.

    The consultation model consists of observations, initial suggestions and coaching, data collection, planning, coaching and evaluation.

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    of Ontario youth have concerns about their level of anxiety

    of teachers agreed that anxiety disorders were a pressing concern

    of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence.

    of students report not knowing where to turn when they wanted to talk to someone about mental health.

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    Certificates & Awards

    - Board Certified Behaviour Analyst
    - Child and Youth Care Practitioner
    - Academic, Researcher and Speaker
    - Parent Coach
    - School Consultant
    - Interdisciplinary Approach
    - Evidenced Based Approach
    - Individualized Therapeutic Interventions

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